Finest Public Relations

About Finest PR

We are a collective of public relations and journalism professionals from around the World who collaborate on marketing and publicity campaigns for our clients in the travel, retail, entertainment, health, beauty, technology, food and fashion fields. We research, create, devise and implement innovative business marketing ideas. We market brand names, promote people, showcase products and grow service businesses around the World. We are in Australia but our people and reach are global.

Every day we work with other public relations professionals and businesses to create online and social media buzz. Google is the dominant controller of who gets to be seen and heard across the World. We comply with its rules to ensure that all of our messages reach the appropriate target market.

We include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram strategies in all campaigns that we run. Reach us by email at or call 1300 660 660 within Australia.
P - 1300 660 660
M - 0498 136 869
E -

*  Online and social media publicity
*  Street marketing
*  Viral video and e-mail marketing
*  News reporting and update update publishing
*  Online promotions and competition
*  Shows and expos
*  Press days and niche media event days
  *  Website design. creation & hosting
*  Brand profiling
*  Personal profile building
*  Art direction
*  Photographic and video direction
*  Online, press and social media content
*  Business marketing
    *  Product placement
*  Product launches
*  Event management
*  Celebrity endorsements
*  Brand management
*  Advertising campaign design
*  Publicity stunts
✔ Digital Strategy
✔ Training and Upskilling Digital teams
✔ Online Advertising - Paid Social, Paid Search, Display, Mobile, Remarketing/Retargeting
✔ Creative & Video
✔ Channel Management: Social Media, Email, SEO, Content Marketing
✔ Marketing Systems and Automation
✔ Digital Research and Insights
✔ Website Development
✔ Google Analytics
✔ Conversion Rate Optimisation
✔ Strategic Partnerships with Influencers and Media